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About Ray Harker

Ray Harker

Meet the Founder and President:

Ray Harker is the director of Liberty Lighthouse, a teaching ministry dedicated to God's cultural mandate and a Biblical worldview. He is a renowned expert on political ideology and competing worldviews. 

Ray is an author (God in Government), a writer, public speaker, and conservative activist. His political and cultural commentaries have been featured in newspapers and online publications. Ray has appeared on television and radio. He's traveled widely to speak at church groups and political organizations. 

Mr. Harker strategically partnered with Cedarville University's Center for Political Studies and he once spoke at Liberty University's Helms School of Government. Ray has collaborated with key Christian political figures such as Chuck Colson and Gary Bauer.

In 2012, Ray organized and sponsored a Conservative Voter Rally at the Genetti's Ballroom in Hazleton. It was the first such event ever to be held in NE Pennsylvania, which attracted prominant speakers and guests from all over the country.

Ray Harker was a Luzerne County Republican Party Committeeman who was highly regarded among GOP inner circles for his behind-the-scenes work that got people elected. Ray is a 2012 recipient of the Storm Politics Lightning Bolt Award, recognizing him as 4th among the top 10 most influential political figures in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. 

In 2014, Ray sold his business so that he could pursue his work with Liberty Lighthouse full-time. But in 2016, evangelicals and conservatives began to drift away from our country's founding principles and a Christian worldview toward "Trumpism." At which point, their enthusiasm for Ray's work began to wane.

During this same time, as the Republican Party also changed and began to abandon the values that Ray taught and promoted, he was forced to resign as GOP committeeman and registered as an Independent. He is now enjoying a short hiatus while dabbling in some new objectives for LLM and generating renewed interest and support.   

Ray studied Radio-Television-Film (RTF) at Temple University and completed his Advanced Biblical Studies at Liberty University.                                                               


"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"
                                                             - Psalm 33:12