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Worldview Chart

Overcoming political correctness in our churches.
Pastors and Christians today generally have all but forgotten God's cultural mandate. The Bible provides God’s positive blueprint for all areas of life: economics, government, politics, law, history, science, education, sociology, philosophy, business, and so on. But unlike the pulpits of America’s founding era, many of today’s pastors tend to hyper-focus solely on an ecclesiastical orientation of Scipture (i.e. evangelism, worship, general morality, our personal walk and relationship with Christ, etc.). This modern truncated approach to teaching and preaching God's word has had a devastating effect on our society.
This ecclesiastical orientation (the church and its spiritual culture) constitutes only about 35% of the Bible’s total content and application. To assume that the Creator and His word are  relevant only to the church is to deny His lordship and sovereignty over the rest of creation. This truncated view of theology is nothing short of blasphemy. Without a solidly biblical perspective on things like property rights, self-reliance, free-markets, private charity, and limited government, Christians will fail to see the good and Godly connection among the various institutions, realms, and disciplines. As a result, many of today's Christians unsuspectingly think in humanistic and socialistic categories (see the chart below). A recent Barna poll found that "a dismal 8% of born-again Christians have a biblical worldview." (Although many experts believe it is actually less than 2%.)


In 18th Century America, as well as before and well afterwards, a full and proper view of the Bible was taught from the pulpit. The Bible speaks of all-of-life and all-of-life equally. Sermons, Bible studies, Sunday School curriculum, and personal devotionals were all dedicated equally and proportionately to each and every individual sphere and discipline that God has created. Hebrews 5:12-14 teaches that “those who live on milk are still infants, but solid food is for the mature.” In regard to the chart below, picture the Immature View of the Bible as "infants still on milk," in contrast to the Mature Biblical Worldview as "the mature on solid food." Without a solid biblical worldview and a capacity to interconnect these various areas or spheres, today's disciples lack discernment and thus the ability to "distinguish good from evil" (see Hebrews 5:14).


Today, pastors generally fail to truly recognize that the Bible extends both horizontally and vertically. This is because most seminaries and church leaders over the last three or four generations have chosen to remain politically neutral in the culture wars for fear of offending their flocks and rocking the boat for their own projects. As a result of such deliberate omission of the Bible, as it relates to some of the most important areas of life, we have grown inherently liberal in our teaching. Such omission of God's truth for the sake of political correctness and personal ambition is nothing more than a form of deception.


However, it is impossible for Christians to remain neutral in any area of life, including politics, economics, education, business, and so forth. For each of these spheres (or areas of life) left unfilled by biblical teaching and truths, a natural vacuum remains which is unconsciously and automatically filled though liberal, cultural influences instead. Meanwhile, a truncated view of the Bible has been perpetually passed down through generations of converts, disciples, teachers, and pastors. The consequences to our nation and future generations have been catastrophic: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).


In the chart below, take notice to the type of society and overall outcome as a result of each view of reality being taught (or not being taught):


        Christian Economics  

        Christian Politics

        Christian Soiology

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"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"
                                                             - Psalm 33:12