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Council on Christian Leadership & Accountability

Notices & Updates
(Posted on 7/22/15)

Please read this page and the sign-up form before emailing us with any questions. Thank you.
You must first sign up to be on our contact list and notified of any meetings in your area.

About The Council
This is a national initiative, so anyone can sign up! You can get involved online and in local groups.
"Liberty Lighthouse Council on Christian Leadership & Accountability" is a think-tank of Evangelical Conservatives who are dedicated to holding local church, political, and business leaders accountable to God's Cultural Mandate and a Biblical Worldview. We are a grassroots group interested in impacting our local communities for the cause of preserving life, liberty, and property for future generations.
Our function as a council consists of three (3) components: education, planning, and activism. Therefore, all meetings and activities (live or online) will employ some form of these three (3) aspects. Because of the initial online facet (discussed below), sign-up is a must. Recruiting your friends is helpful if you want to quickly form and grow a local group.
Separate local groups will be formed whenever a viable number of active online members are available from any given area or community. Liberty Lighthouse will monitor demographics and notify individuals when there are enough members in your area to potentially hold regular meetings, classes, and events. At which point, we will help coordinate (and manage if necessary) the local group's meetings, activities, etc.
Why We Exist 
Christianity was once the driving force behind the advancement of Western Civilization. Biblical truth provided the basis upon which our nation was founded. Actually, it was the pastors who led their congregations onto the battle fields of The American Revolution. In fact, twenty-nine (29) of the fifty-six (56) signers of the Declaration of Independence held what was equivalent to Bible school or seminary degrees.
But today's church has mysteriously abandoned God's cultural mandate and a Biblical worldview. Instead of leading the charge, pastors have retreated into a Christian subculture where a narrow and truncated view of the Bible is now being taught. As a result, and in light of cultural trends (such as the recent Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage and Obamacare), more and more Christians are becoming disheartened with church leadership. Many of these people are leaving their congregations. This is exactly what the enemy (Satan) wants us to do.
However, at Liberty Lighthouse Ministries, we refuse to cave in to those liberal forces dominating our culture and destroying our churches. As a result of our extensive work over the years, we've had the opportunity to speak and work with hundreds of church leaders, elected officials, school teachers, and businessmen. Most Bible-believing Christians agree, the more our churches have removed themselves from the public realm the more our other institutions have deteriorated.
But the good news is that there are solutions and success stories out there!
Our Plan & Objectives
The first phase of our initiative is to meet regularly (online or as a local group) and cordially work with any willing pastors and church leaders toward the successful completion of a five (5) step plan:
1/ Identify the problem. Be able to differentiate between the root cause and the symptoms.
2/ Understand the problem. Educate ourselves through developing a biblical worldview.
3/ Devise a plan of action. Develop a set of solutions and alternatives.
4/ Implement the plan of action. To be carried out on a grassroots level.
5/ Evaluate the results.
"LLM Council" is an offshoot of Liberty Lighthouse Ministries, a teaching ministry dedicated to God's Cultural Mandate and a Biblical Worldview. Holding true to our mission as a "teaching ministry," each council member will need to possess a Biblical Worldview so as to successfully serve in carrying out the council's plans and objectives. Depending on location and demand, live Bible studies and classes will be held; otherwise, training will take place via the internet.
From time to time, members will be asked to review and then respond to certain educational, planning, and activist materials, which will take no more than 1 hour of your time per month. These resources will consist of videos, articles, links, etc. by and from our ministry and other organizations. Members must also serve as liaisons to their church and other institutions. Each member is expected to participate by sharing his or her ideas and feedback with the rest of the "LLM Council." (A more detailed description of a council member's duties and responsibilities is provided in the sign-up form.)

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"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"
                                                             - Psalm 33:12